REVEALED: Angela Merkel – Rigid serial conformist…..

Please, don´t believe there is no resistance against this STASI Merkel. But  20 Years after the fall of the wall, fascism became more and more established. This happened basicly via the deletion of the german basic law called „Grundgesetz“ where the division of powers was defined. So all judges lost there status as a legal judge. German dissidents are arrested in an absurd manor. „Judges“ declares them as brainsick and instruct them into the forensic psychiatry, where torture happens. – 200.000 times a year !  – If you could spread it also to human rights organisations, it would be very kind of you. Best.

The Slog.

…and ruthless career technocrat

Angela Merkel is often depicted by the Western media as a boring, mousey and indecisive physicist obsessed by rules and the Euro ideal. In fact, she is none of these things. Her unusual and at times murky past suggests that she is driven by the ideal of technocratic power, has no firm belief in anything, and is ruthlessly disloyal when it suits her. Her role in the former East Germany has been cleaned up by those around her. But today, The Slog puts some flesh on the real character behind the Chancellor’s image.

Angela Dorothea Merkel sits in the Berlin Chancellery today, the mistress of Europe. An extraordinary combination of bizarre events and her own driven will have put her there. But we really do not know enough about this woman to whom, it seems, the citizens of 27 countries have handed the leadership of Europe…

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